Panmarine´s core business is quality service in pipe protection, mainly for the Oil & Gas industry.


Born in 1993, and working with GRE technology (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) since 1997, Panmarine E&S is one of the most experienced companies in Brazil on its sector.


We also provide internal lining with HDPE (Polyethylene), external wrapping and Thermal protection, both internal and external.


The material is used in wells for corrosive water injection, oil production and flow lines that transport oil, gas and corrosive fluids. May be used for either onshore or offshore well applications, and be applied to any size of oilfield tubing (OCTG).


The STRATAPIPE SYSTEM from PANMARINE is indicated especially for tubing that will be utilized in injection, oil production, flow line, gas production or corrosive fluid wells. Internal lining can be used in temperatures from -28ºC up to 150ºC, and up to 400ºC for external lining. Tubing Lined internally are protected internally with a liner of composite materials and is recommended for wells that have high concentrations of gas and where it is important to maintain operating temperatures and fluidity required by each specific Project.


Our solutions are proved to be effective against pipe damages. In Brazil, more than one million tubing have been internally lined and installed by our crew, in wells and flow-line services, with absolute efficiency.


Panmarine has all the facilities, qualified crew, field staff, experience, investments in tech researches, history, tradition, and solid image in the market.