The technology offered by Panmarine is proven to be effective, widely used, with a high level of reliability.


This type of system has been, for many decades, the most effective system in preventing corrosion in tubing strings and in the wells. No other system has the same performance.

We can offer the right system for each case, regardless of the conditions of the well or the environment where the material will be used.


Tubing made from Carbon steel may be lined and used in conditions where CO2 and H2S are critical. It is not necessary to use special alloy tubing that is sophisticated and expensive. Tubing such as Chrome and others are very expensive and are becoming less available, besides the facts that using them raises the operations costs.


Panmarine provides technical assistance and field staff for proper product installation.



We provide professional field service and training teams for:



  • Product installation.

  • Product manufacturing.

  • Supervisors.

  • Safety technicians - operations.

  • Inspection, maintenance Field repairs